Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hey there everone! This is my newest idea that I am working on.

I had been watching this show called " Oddities" and I guess this is why the thought stuck in my head. I started making Siamese twin pendants of bunnies and some stitch mouth heads. They are going in the oven now.
Well I started thinking....( OMG yep here we go again!)
Anyone remember the best friend pendants you could buy? Well, I think it might be cute to make the twins in sets of 2 with custom initial for your B.F.F.! Or Sweetheart. I might be on to something (or not)???
I could do bunnies, bears, stitch mouths, anything and put initials on the bellies! They wouldnt have to be limited to pendants! I could do magnets too! Plus the pendants are pretty durable so what ever you want to put them on with a jump ring. I would love some comments on this idea! :)
Ding! Time is up for baking I gotta go make some more!
Until next time same batty channel....
Creative wicked dreams everyone! ;)
( I will put pics up soon)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

To all of my followers....

Hi to everyone!
Thank you to all for following! Special thanks to all my new follows as well! Im never sure what to write about...but these last few weeks I have  had alot of ppl asking for wholesale items! Wich is great! I want my stuff out there, so THIS IS A GOOD THING! Im being featured in a few  blogs and a few shops. I cant tell you how happy I am for this exposure .Thank you , Thank you to The Mood Swing and Glo@ Creepy Glowbugg!
So besides a huge thank you to all of my new support , I am open for bulk wholesale orders! Oh please do check out Funky Felt Flowers as well!  These are all super down to earth people that deserve a peek at.  I am tired, so I will properly link all 2mrw:) Oh I did have another idea that might work out well for you too! Im in mode for trade for product for great cards for thank you cards to advertise for my fellow awesome creators with my orders being sent out! ( That would be Glo)
Food for thought, her work rocks! Even my mother loves it!
Until next time ,same batty channel!

Monday, July 11, 2011