Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hey there everone! This is my newest idea that I am working on.

I had been watching this show called " Oddities" and I guess this is why the thought stuck in my head. I started making Siamese twin pendants of bunnies and some stitch mouth heads. They are going in the oven now.
Well I started thinking....( OMG yep here we go again!)
Anyone remember the best friend pendants you could buy? Well, I think it might be cute to make the twins in sets of 2 with custom initial for your B.F.F.! Or Sweetheart. I might be on to something (or not)???
I could do bunnies, bears, stitch mouths, anything and put initials on the bellies! They wouldnt have to be limited to pendants! I could do magnets too! Plus the pendants are pretty durable so what ever you want to put them on with a jump ring. I would love some comments on this idea! :)
Ding! Time is up for baking I gotta go make some more!
Until next time same batty channel....
Creative wicked dreams everyone! ;)
( I will put pics up soon)

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  1. OMG! "Oddities" is my absolute favorite show ever! I have even "adopted" their most inique ustomer,Edgar, as my own Uncle! "Is that a straight jacket?" LOVE that show and the killer schtuff thay have! I am aspiring to decorate my house similar to their shop. So far so good! Oh, I WANT one of your new Siamese twins designs! Don't even have to see one first. Make it so!